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Being my first post I wanted to talk about my experience to the mall when I was in Delhi (Because being from Chennai it’s quite different there). After a good day with my friends I was left all by myself at the Vasant Kunj, Promenade mall where I was waiting for my ride, which was a good 2 hours late (thanks to the Delhi traffic) with my phone dying on the other hand, which gave me time to just sit there and chill with my iced mocha from Starbucks wearing my newly purchased collared maxi dress which had big elephants all over it. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. And my black tote and shopping bags beside me so the only thing left to do was look at people or a few might call it staring (Guilty).

I noticed that girls and women in Delhi take a lot of effort to dress up for a mall. Well, not that it’s wrong, but compared to Chennai where I see girls dressed up in a very simple pair of denims and a cute tee, girls there are in heels with crop tops and high waisted pants/skirts with totes or slings and hair, make-up fully done. Where few girls got it right by going all glamorous yet appropriate with ripped jeans a simple tee and a tote paired with amazing looking flats there were even girls who wore 5 inch heels with short dresses who looked completely uncomfortable in them. And some were on their dates who got it wrong because I guess they forgot they were going to the mall and not a dinner date (Trying too hard according to me). At the same time I was happy to see a few over-sized girls dress up well too (things I don’t see much in Chennai). I think they were much better than the skinny girls trying to show off too much skin which was so not right for a mall. They knew their troubled areas and the tricks to cover them. I noticed most of them wearing black bottoms with a colorful top which looked beautiful on them. I surely felt over dressed for a mall, but then again for Delhi I surely wasn’t and fit in perfectly.

Now talking about women there who were no less than the girls. Women who looked 30 plus dressed in expensive suits, maxis and jumpsuits carrying their Louis Vuitton’s and DKNY’S surely knew what they were doing. Classy yet sophisticated, they surely were giving the girls a tough competition, where at the same time there were few who tried too hard. Seeing all this made me feel like I was at a fashion week seeing some of the best and the worst of the season. It’s funny to see how two cities can be so different in terms of style where one city is out experimenting and getting the glam up at the same time the other is really subtle, but I can surely see Chennai getting there in a few years. Not that girls here don’t dress up, but its way too different from the girls in Delhi. But being from Delhi and staying in Chennai, I get to experience the best of both worlds. The simple nature from Chennai and the glamour of Delhi an amazing combination according to me.


I’m wearing:

1. Dress from Jaipur India (NewDelhi)

2. Gladiators from Totes Gallore (New Delhi)

3. Sling bag from Esprit.

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