My jumpsuit to the rescue.


Unlike Delhi, where I used to get dressed up for a mall in a city like Chennai I prefer keeping it low. In Delhi nobody cares about what you do or what you wear, but Chennai people have a tendency to stare. Not like I have a problem with that, but simple is the key in Chennai plus the heat makes it worse. So the simpler the better. Today when I was headed out to the mall and dint want to wear jeans because of the heat and couldn’t wear shorts or a casual dress because of my laziness (need to shave my legs) so the only thing that came to my rescue was my plain black jumpsuit. I kept it simple and paired it up with my favorite tan gladiators and a ring I got from forever 21. The sun can get to you at times, but you can always beat the heat by dressing up right. And jumpsuits are even a boon to those who don’t like showing off their legs. Well, I’m in my black loving phase, but you guys do try some colors. Printed and floral jumpsuits in pastel colors look amazing as well.

I’m wearing:

  • I’m wearing:
  • Jumpsuit from a small boutique in Richie Street (Bangalore)
  • Ring from forever 21
  • Gladiators from Totes Gallore (New Delhi)

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