The first time I saw you.

The first time I saw you, it was magic. It was the first time I felt butterflies. My hands were ice cold, but I blamed it on the weather, even though I knew the real reason. You smiled at me and I turned red. I was glad it was late evening and you couldn’t notice it. Your car smelled different. Of cigarettes and you, I fell in love with it instantly and knew I could get used to it. We connected like magic and laughed till our stomach’s hurt. I loved every bit of it. I forgot about my curfew and frankly, I didn’t care because it was the first time I could feel love in the air. It was short but perfect, I wanted the time to stand still but knew the time had come to say our goodbyes but just until the next time.

It felt like ages, before I saw you again. Was it worth the wait, I asked myself? And when I saw you I was sure of it. This day seemed different, but I didn’t know why. I still felt the love, the tingling in my stomach, but you dint that much. I was very shy and dint know what to say and you mistook it for us not being connected like before. I dint know that’s what went on in your mind because if I did I would say something, anything. And things just went down from there I wanted to try hard but you dint care. You told me once that you would try, but you dint. I was sad at first, devastated few might say, but now I have the memories which make me smile every day. Why should I lose hope, I asked myself? When once magic can happen so can it again. I hope it’s with you, but if not I’ll still have the memories and remember them till I find something magical again.

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