The casual look


These days I just need a reason to dress up. Well, that’s something I am good at so why not? Plus there are three more weeks left to do absolutely nothing so I’m enjoying them by looking pretty.

Today was yet another day at the mall (Chennai has nothing else to offer) and when it comes to hanging out with your best friend at Zara you’re sure to take a hundred photos. We tried out the so called “Aliaa Bhatt” look as I saw her wearing the exact same thing in one of her instagram photos. I love how she paired the two monochrome prints together and so I did the same.

And when it comes to what I wore I went for my high waist pants because frankly, I’m bored of my ripped jeans (I wore them every single day) and paired it up with a casual top from Diesel which I tied up to make it a crop top. To complete the look I went for bright colored thongs (flats) just to add in a bit of color to the look with a long earring.

As I usually go for the obvious, which is going for a neckpiece this time I opted to do something different. So give the earcuffs and one sided earring a try.

Styling tip: If you don’t have crop tops try to tie up your loose T-shits to go for a casual look and pair them up with high waist jeans and for those who don’t mind showing off their naval you can pair them up with your jeans as well.

I’m wearing:

  • T-shirt from Diesel
  • High waist pants from Vero Moda
  • Thongs(flats) from
  • Earring from Accessories




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