Something Blue!!


Playing with different colors is always fun. You can pair two to three or even four different colors to create an amazing look. But one thing many people don’t know is how they can pair different shades of the same color and still create a classic look.

In this case I went with blue (my favorite color). I paired up high waist navy blue pants with a light blue T-shirt and completed the look with the striped blue and white sling bag and kept the footwear simple. One thing you need to make sure of while playing with just one color is not to over do it, which might land up looking like a total disaster.

So give this a try. Go for different shades of pink or orange to brighten up this summer.

Styling tip: You can even try the double eyeliner to match your entire look. But try to keep the rest of your makeup simple and let your eyes do all the talking!!

I’m wearing:

  • T-shirt and high waist pants from Vero Moda
  • Sling bag from Forever New
  • Thongs (flats) from Mango
  • Black eyeliner from MAC (Waterproof liquid eyeliner)
  • Blue eye pencil from Revlon (Aqua blue 15)
  • Mascara from Maybelline (Express waterproof mascara)





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