My daily make-up routine saves the day.


With only a week left to leave for Pune and all the packing yet to be done. I’ve taken up a lot this week. My college best friend leaves for Australia today, which makes me spend all my time with her, where at the same time I try to work a bit on my packing and my blog. I’m coming up with a whole new template and design for my blog which I’m working on all by myself. It has kept me awake for days now, but then again, I do tend to sleep really late. But with all the travelling, thanks to my best friend who lives on the other side of the city and the blog work, with the packing I find myself tired the minute I get home and fall asleep at 11:30 sharp. But being me, I wake up again at 3 am for no good reason and find it really hard to sleep after, which ruins my day.
My busy week doesn’t just end with all this. I’ve planned up a shoot for my blog which is just two days before I leave. I have no idea how I’m going to manage all this. My rooms a mess with half my stuff in the suitcases, my new blog template is on its way and my support system leaves today. I’m so overwhelmed, but I still find the time to write a post just to keep you guys updated about my super hectic week. I’ve been living on my brother’s T-shirts which saves me from all the stress to decide what to wear (which he’s not too happy about). Luckily what makes me look decent enough is my daily makeup routine which is so simple that I hardly take 5 mins to do it (The magic 5 mins). I keep it very simple because I hate using too many products on my sink. I like keeping it light.

I start off with my cc cream, which has everything in it. From a sunscreen to a foundation. And that’s all I use for my face. I tend to keep changing it, right now I’m using the Lakme cc cream, but I’m looking for another good one. Next comes my eyes where I use my Khol and a white Kajal for my water line which really helps make my eyes look bigger. It really helps especially when you’re dead tired the entire day. I finish my eyes with an eyeliner and mascara. I usually do not use an eyeshadow for my basic routine, but I’ve come across this amazing eye palette which I’m in love with so I’ve started adding that to my daily look(I got the eyeshadow with my fab bag, know more about it on It’s really subtle and basic but adds a little bit more to your look. And coming to the most important; my lips. I hate chapped lips so I keep them moisturized 24/7. Here my lip balm plays a huge role and helps me keep them healthy and I use it with this new nude lip color I stole from my mom’s collection which I’m absolutely in love with. And that’s it. This is my basic beauty routine which makes me look decent enough so that I don’t scare people away.
I have a very oily sink and in a city like Chennai where humidity is literally everywhere you need to do something about it. You can’t keep washing your face every 15 mins so I always carry oil wipes with me they are a life Saviour and I always have my lip balm no matter what. Keep it simple nobody likes seeing you all caked up, especially with this kind of humidity. Trust me simple can go a very long way.

P.S. This might be my last post for a week or so, but please be patient with me. And mind the punctuation errors which I make a lot. I have a bad habit of not reading my posts once I write them.










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