Happy, sunny monsoon days


It was one of those happy days in Pune when the sun was actually out and it dint rain more than once. People who know me will be surprised to see that I called a sunny day a happy day, but being in a city like Pune where it rains 24/7 during this season and you have to use public transport every day, it’s seriously a lot of work.
Now coming back to the main reason why it was a happy day and that’s because I got to wear my “actual monsoon clothes” and not sweaters.
This is one of my favorite looks (Yes, I say that for everything). I paired up my black crop top, ripped high waist shorts, my new favorite boots (did it again), studded tote and a checked pink and white shirt. This is yet another look I would like people to try out.

Styling tip: Go with a black or white crop top, tank top or just a basic T-shirt and tie up a funky or colorful shirt on your waist to add color to your ootd (outfit of the day) in a different way.

Because this was my college look I dint go with many accessories expect my cuff rings (I dint wanna go overboard with the look), but you can always try earcuffs or a bold neckpiece and this look will do wonders for you.

I’m wearing

  • Crop top, high waist shorts and boots from Forever 21
  • Shirts from Levis
  • Bag from Accessorize
  • b6e6a9_b5c6fc4effd14799864e459c382f1d21 b6e6a9_4674bbfbe13d4372a557d1d531194f0e b6e6a9_0245e9d816a24007a49a9a1eb4fb788bShades from Calvin Klein

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