Forever 21 Giveaway


I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for quite sometime now as a thank you for all the support and response I’ve gotten from you people for my blog and so I decided to do it during my birthday week.
Most of us go gaga over Forever 21 and so I wanted to give something from that brand, but was really confused on what to give so I decided to go with a voucher worth Rs 1000. If you’re from a city and are lucky to have a store there you’ll be able to go and shop directly, but for unlucky girls like me who still don’t have a Forever 21 store don’t worry I’ll be giving the e-voucher so you can shop online. But to win this you will have to do a few things first:

1. Like my instagram page if you haven’t already.
2. Tag three or more friends on my instagram account (the more you tag the better your chances get to win)
3. Subscribe to my blog.

I’ll be keeping a track of people who do all the three and will be announcing the lucky winner on my birthday that’s on the 24th of this month (Sunday). So tag as many you can within this week and get yourself a voucher worth 1000 from Forever 21.


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