My 21st!!


With all the delaying and wifi problems I finally got the time to write my blog post and I’m doing that on my flight to Chennai. I’m going back there for a family wedding, but the most exciting part is that I get to meet my friends who have no idea about me coming there.
So now coming to my post for today. I’ve been wanting to do a post about my birthday looks for a week now. I did two different looks on my birthday. One for Saturday night and one a Sunday brunch. (I was lucky enough to have my 21st birthday fall on a Sunday)
Like every other girl, I already got my birthday dress a month back, but in the end, I found one which I just had to wear on my birthday night eve. I went with this black LBD but what really got me to buy it was the back of the dress. I saw it and just had to get it. Its a silver stone studded strap, something which I’ve never gone for before. But one thing that always happens on my birthday is that I go with black no matter what. It’s been happening since I was 16, call it coincidence or something else but I always fell in love with something black on my birthday. I dint have to do much with this dress, so I just went with a pair of earrings, my heels and a red clutch. And I’m glad I went with something bold this time, even though it was black I always try a new look on my birthday.

I’m wearing

  • Dress from Zara
  • Heels from Stush (New Delhi)
  • Bag from Mango
  • Earrings from Amrapali

For my second look I went with my high waisted Aztec printed shorts and paired it with a black crop top. Since it was a very simple brunch, I dint want to overdo it. I went with a few fun earrings and rings, my boots and the red clutch. Coincidentally yet again, I noticed a similar pattern to my dressing. I had the colors black and red incorporated in both my birthday looks. But all in all I loved my looks and my 21st birthday and hope you liked them too.

I’m wearing

  • Crop top, shorts, earrings, rings and boots from Forever 21
  • Charms from Accessorize
  • Bag from Mango
  • Lipstick MAC (Ruby woo)

I wanted to post this 3 days back, but Punjabi weddings tend to drain you out and that’s what happened this time. I will be heading back to Pune tomorrow morning and hopefully blogging about my wedding in Chennai soon. So keep reading J

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People behind the scene. <3
Photo courtesy: Shivani.
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