Dare to dream


Is it bad to dream of a perfect ending? You know the one; where you find your prince charming and live happily ever after. But have you ever thought that maybe somewhere at some moment, you actually crossed paths with that special one and dint realize it? Maybe he was your friend all this time, maybe a guy you work with or maybe just a guy you smile at in a random store or club. Have you thought that because you have already actually met your prince charming is the reason why you never find love elsewhere. Because you still don’t know if he’s the one. Maybe because you still haven’t figured it out. Because trust me we all will find love someday and you know how I’m that sure? Because I believe, I believe that the person who will make me laugh till I cry, the person who will take my over dramatic reactions, the person who will understand the crazy me is out there. And maybe I’ve already met him and God is up there laughing at me saying, you fool, he’s right there, but I still haven’t figured it out. Maybe because its not the right time just yet, or I’m just looking at the wrong people and building up scenarios in my head that I will find love somewhere, but actually we don’t find love, it finds us when it’s time, when it’s right. I know I’ve mentioned a lot of maybe’s, but what’s wrong in hoping, what’s wrong in wishing or just having faith in the fact that I need to just relax and breath and smile because just maybe when you’re smiling he might be looking and falling for you :)
So stop looking and just be happy because it’ll come to you. I’m sure it will so until then wish, hope, dream and believe in love because its on its way waiting for you to make you theirs <3

I’m not sure if it made any sense to you but this is what I felt today. So had to share it :)xx


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