Floral Attack.


We depend on people all the time. From small little things to the big ones we all at some point in our life do that. For example; I depend on my photographer to do my shoots for my blog and she’s been super busy, hence me not being able to post for a long time, so I got one of my other college friends to do a shoot for me, on top of that I’m going back to Chennai for Diwali and will be there for almost 2 weeks so had to find myself a photographer there (Hopefully it works out)
Now coming to my look, if you’ve been following my blog you’ll know how obsessed I am with crop tops and I’m getting a little bored of them so these might be my last few looks with crop tops for some time, but not going to stop wearing them for sure.
The crop tops in both my looks are something you wouldn’t have seen on my blog before (Tried things like these for the first time)
For my first look, I went with a pink and white crop top and what I love about this look is the back; The criss-cross back made me fall in love with it, it was a bit bold for me but I wanted to give a look like this a try. I paired it up with navy blue high waist pants, boots, a simple neck piece and a black clutch. I don’t like accessorizing much, but when I do, I try to keep it simple. Either go for a nice neck piece or concentrate on the hands.








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