A lacy affair


Every girl gets obsessed with some kind of clothing item or accessory at some point in her life and she makes it a point to get it in different colours or something similar to it and wear it almost everywhere. For example; my obsession for crop tops is never ending, but now I’ve got a new obsession and that’s skirts. I’m obsessed with with all of them, be it long, short, high-lows, midi’s etc. And you’ll be seeing many looks with different types of skirts soon on my blog.
Today being my last day in Chennai I have to say I’m actually really excited to go back as I get to experience winters for the first time. I do know that Pune doesn’t get as cold as Delhi but then again coming from a city like Chennai I’ve never lived in a city which gets really cold. I spent a lot of my winters in Delhi when I was younger, but it’s all a blur now so this is really exciting for me as I can’t take the heat but love the cold. Another plus point is I get to shop for clothes I never got a chance of buying. Being a shoppaholic I’m sure I’m going to go crazy in stores this time.
Now coming to my look I dint think twice before picking up this skirt, I’d wanted something like this for a very long time and got it the second I saw it. I paired it up with a black crop top, pumps, handcuffs, a black and gold neck piece and a lace clutch. I could’ve gone with some colour, but I was liking the all black look. It had been a while since I did that.

Styling tip: This skirt has a huge advantage, bring a pencil skirt you can always make your dressy look a bit formal as well. Pair this skirt up with a white shirt or a loose t-shirt and you’re good to go for a meeting of a formal event. Do try it :)








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