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So today I was really lazy and dint want to go for my class at 10 so I decided to laze around and just chill at home, but then I felt guilty and was getting ready for my 12 o’clock class when my ma’am decided to cancel it. And I had a good two hours left before my work started, so instead of getting back in my jammies I decided to make a post for my blog.
I’ve seen many bloggers do the same thing when it comes to makeup. They either make a video or post the name of the products they used. So I came up with an Idea “The selfie make-up book”.
In this I take pictures of myself after every step so that you know what I’ve done. And the added benefit of taking selfies as I love doing that.

This look is called the “ALL NATURAL LOOK” this goes for your everyday routine or even a brunch with your friends.

My make-up routine always starts with my Lakme CC cream. It comes in two shades the biege and bronze, since i’m on the fair whitish side I blend both the colors together. I take more of the beige and the bronze is always the size of a pea.
After which I move to my eyebrows. I don’t use an eyebrow pencil, but go for a mascara which keeps it in shape the entire day. It’s got a really sleek brush which is really good for my brows. Then comes my eye, I go for a light golden brown shade which blends really well with my skin colour and doesn’t look over the top. And I add a bit of cream shadow for my crease as well.
Then I go apply the kajal, eyeliner and a white pencil at the corners of my eyes to make them pop. And I end my eye makeup with a little more cream shadow at the corner of my eyes and mascara.
Coming to my last part, my lips; I first use a lip balm and for this look I went with a nude lipstick. You can always keep your look simple and brighten up your lips.

Hope you like it and do give it a try. It looks flawless and try to avoid too many foundations and powders for your face. The caked up look was never in.

(Product details given after the pictures)















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