Blue winter


Being a fashion blogger I always shopped with an excuse in my mind that I’m investing in clothes and accessories because it’ll be productive for my blog, until I went broke. Then I had no excuse left.

Living away from parents taught me a lot. Especially value for money. It’s been 2 months and I haven’t shopped the biggest achievement ever in terms of spending. But the benefit is that now when I shop I will do it guilt free.

One other benefit I got from not spending was that I started wearing clothes I used to wear a year or two back and being in a new city nobody had seen me wear them before so I used that as an advantage.

This dress is one of them. I got it a year back, but never really got a chance to wear it more than once as I found it too warm for Chennai until I moved to Pune which fit perfectly for the weather conditions right now.

I really had nothing to do with this dress as the jwelled collar and sleeves did the accessorizing. I just added my silver ankle heels and a red bag to add in color to my look and to give my collar all the attention I went for a side ponytail. I usually don’t play around much with my hair as I like to keep it open and simple.

But overall I think this look is really classy and amazing in the fall. Do give something like this a try.

Styling tip: To give it a bit more of a winter look, go for boots instead of heels and add in stalkings to the look. These kinds of dresses look amazing either-way.

I’m wearing

  • Dress from Forever New
  • Heels from Zara
  • Bag from Mango






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