A burgundy story


So after a long vacation, I’m back to blogging about new styles. As I promised in my previous post that there will be a lot more in terms of new trends this time and I’m working towards it. Many new collaborations and giveaways will be happening this time, and I’ll be going to one of my dream places next month, which I’ll be telling you a lot more about really soon, for now I’ll just tell you that it’s almost every fashion blogger’s dream to go there.

Now coming to my look. I was very excited to do a look like this for a very long time now. Since you all know that I’m from Chennai and I never needed anything close to a leather jacket so this was my very first time owning my own.

I went with a pretty burgundy skater dress a colour which is really in this season and paired it up with knee length socks, another thing I never got to wear and heels. To complete the look I added a basic black sling, dark red lips and just to try out something new I went with curls.

I usually don’t play around with my hair as I like the way it is, but for a change I just curled them.

Styling Tip: Don’t lock up your dresses this winter as your leather jacket comes to the rescue and makes sure you can still wear your pretty summer dresses this season. So do pair your leather jackets up with everything you’ve got and see how it just makes it better.

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