Winter two ways!!


I always love working with different fashion bloggers, it’s fun, you get to learn so much more and you make a new friend. But this time I worked with a blogger I’ve already worked with before. Komal Bagrodia from Nowingsattached.

The first time I met her, we instantly clicked. We spoke about fashion, college life and what not and the second time was easier than that. She had come to Pune for the week and we decided to meet up and do winter looks together. So with this blog we show you two different types of winter looks.

Her being more on the casual, rugged look and mine being a bit more party wear and chic.

Now coming to the looks, I went with this oversized sweater and paired it up with stalkings and high waist bling shorts. With that I went with a statement “Happy” neck piece, boots and a gold bag. To complete the look and make it a bit more chic I curled my hair. And I was ready with it.

Komal’s Look

Komal decided to go with a colour blocking look which looked rad on her. She went with a yellow camisole, denim blue jeans, something you can never go wrong with and a woolen blue cape and to complete the look she went with converse and a backpack.

So with these two looks you can see how many options you get this winter be chic or rugged you can be in trend with both these looks this season. So do try them :)

Styling tip:

Be it summer or winter these trends are in this season

1. Oversized clothes

2. Chunky statement accessories

3. Converse (As seen in Komal’s outfit)

So do try them :)

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