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As promised on Instagram. I’m making this post all about budget buys. It doesn’t take a lot of money to look good or fancy. It just takes a good eye to mix and match things in a good way. And for people who have trouble doing that I’m here to help you.

I got this dress from a kind of thrift store in Amsterdam, where everything you buy was from only 10 or 20 euros. Nothing more, nothing less.

Amsterdam was my last stop and I was completely broke by then, but being me, I still wanted to buy something and I luckily landed at this store and found amazing stuff I made up my mind to pick up only one item out of the amazing lot with options of fancy dresses, crop tops, balloon skirts, but I went with this particular shirt/dress. For taller people this would come as a top, but lucky me, I could wear it as a dress.

This was something different from my regular taste. But I wanted something different and decided to go with it. I love the colors on it and I was eager to style it

And now coming to it, I went with a statement gold belt to give myself some shape and along with that I added a denim blue shirt which again I got for a really reasonable price and statement silver neckpiece. I love mixing gold and silver in the same outfit and hence went with these faux leather shoes.

So you see budget shopping can be fun as well and if styled right, it can make an amazing outfit.

Styling Tip: Girls who are short like me go for vertical stripes as it will give an illusion of being tall and if you are a bit on the healthy side againg like me, avoid horizontal stripes as it adds volume. For the thin people go for horizontal for the same reason.

I’m wearing

  • Dress from a 20 euro store in Amsterdam
  • Belt from StyleFiesta (Online)
  • Shoes, neckpiece and shades from Forever 21
  • Denim shirt from Primak, London (Can be bought in local stores and while street shopping in India as well)





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