The one with everything Gold & Black


Black and gold have always been very night colors to me. If it’s for a party, dinner or clubbing its mostly black and gold or just black. So I wanted to do something different this time and as soon as I received my package from Missa More I loved the prints on the dress. It’s something I’ve never worn and found it perfect for a day wear. Yes, It can pass on for a night look as well, but what’s new in it?

I love experimenting and so decided to add up a summer jacket to this look. Before you assume how hot I was feeling in it, let me tell you that I wasn’t. Plus, you don’t have to wear it all the way. Layering clothes on just your shoulders looks fab.

With this I went with my new pair of gold heels, a statement gold belt and a handcuff. As there was detailing on the neck it didn’t require anything. And yes, how can I forget the quilted bag? Don’t all of us love one and hopefully someday will own one from Chanel (here’s hoping). To top it off and complete the look I went with red bold lips. I always feel black and gold are incomplete without a little color, in this case RED.

So do try this look. You’ll find this dress and a lot more on Trust me, you’re going to love it.

Styling Tip: If you’re not comfortable with heels you can always go with gladiators or Oxfords (shoes). This look will still stand out.

I’m wearing

  • Dress from Missa More
  • Best from
  • Heels from Steletoes (Delhi)
  • Bag borrowed from a friend
  • Jacket and Handcuff from Forever 21








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