White Out


White, a color that is always trending. White, some people don’t consider as a color. But don’t we all just love it despite this big confusion?

It’s a color that can be paired with absolutely anything. You can go as bold as you like or keep it as simple as you please. And the entire white look is going crazy right now.

But for my look, I went with this white sheath dress with mesh on the arms and knee. I loved its simplicity and this was one of my very first sheath dresses as for a healthy person I avoid wearing something that does not help me accentuate my figure. But this one didn’t look as bad as I imagined.

With it added a bronze neck piece, gladiators, some accessories and a black bag. I wanted to keep this look simple, but yet so trendy. Do try this look

Styling tip: For a person who is too lean or on the healthy side like I am. If you really want to go for a dress like this try to add n a waist belt to add in some shape to it.

You can always go with sneakers or something colorful or floral as well as Footware to add in color to the look.

I’m wearing

  • Dress and accessories and bag from Forever 21
  • Gladiators from Steletoes (New Delhi)
  • Hat from a vintage store ( Paris) b6e6a9_2ca7d4bd9e3b478b8c21684a07a4d430 b6e6a9_5d44c0b6474c4805b933cf3f75939f58 b6e6a9_8d71637ff2c746c69f4679942d8a22a9 b6e6a9_11c1bfe8c7304fb69407aad617bf25c6 b6e6a9_37cadd3e445f4f0d9e06bae6105fe0ba b6e6a9_417e4581e1704aa683d70e8a400e14b5 b6e6a9_968ef9052edb4182ba2fed510fbfdaa6 b6e6a9_a81ae4efdccc4e1e94d6faa077e6f3ea

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