Something Indian. Something Indigo


This is one of the most requested blog post. I’ve always had people asking me to post something Indian. So here I am, finally doing that.
I get phases in my life like there are times I just can’t stand Indian and times like these when all I want to wear and flaunt are my Indian clothes.
I went shopping for Indian clothes for a reason. I was going to go for a trip to Banaras with my friends, but had to cancel it last minute because I’m shifting back to Chennai this Sunday and have a lot of packing and work to complete before that. But that doesn’t mean I can’t wear them.
I got this indigo kurti a color which is really in for Indian wear. And along with that I went with these white shararas with delicate prints on it. To complete the look I wore kolapuris,a maang tikka and oxidized bangles.
I love the pop of color the maang tikka is giving the entire look. I was sent this amazing piece from bellofox an online e-commerce site. I just love the stuff you get that and you should check it out too.

Styling tip: You can always keep the look simple by wearing this indigo kurta with jeans, leggings or just a patyala. But I really suggest you buy these sharara pants. They are absolutely stunning and worth every penny.

I’m wearing

  • Kuta from fbb (fashion at big bazaar)
  • Shararas from Cottons, Jaipur
  • Maang tikka from
  • Kolapuris and bangles from Cp (New Delhi)

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