Geeky the pastel way

“Geek chic”, refers to a minor fashion trend that arose in the mid 2000s in which young individuals adopted stereotypical “geeky” fashion.

And the trend included suspenders, rimmed glasses, high ponytails, and comfortable shoes. And since then the trend is just creating a craze all around the world. And has just gotten better with time.

Even though the statement style remained the same a lot of color has been added to the look. Every season is different.

Last season we saw wordplay creating a buzz with words like “Geek” and “Nerd” written across simple T-shirts.

So this time I decided to go with the season colors. This season we saw a lot of colors from Marsala, Mustards and my favorite, Pastles. Hence, I decided to create my nerd or geeky look with pastel colors.

And add in a bit of the comic fun with these super cool “Archie” sneakers. Since, Comic con just got over and we Indians don’t get to join in the fun, so why not bring the fun in your clothes? Like in my case, I decided to have it with the comfort of my feet. Especially when they are made of real comic cuttings. And yes, how can I forget the glasses. Isn’t it the most important part of the geek look? But I didn’t just wear them I actually got power and had to wear them. So I proudly enter the geek world.

Do try and modify the geek look to your comfort and style. And make it a part of you. :)

And not to forget about this amazing location I got to shoot at. Inspired on the lines of the famous “Alice in Wonderland” this place is called Mad hatters tea garden. A small, cozy place in Chetpet (Chennai). It’s got amazing wall paintings and cute detailings like cups hanging from trees. It’s a place you go for a theme party or just to chill out a bit. A perfect place to go to when you need a break from everything. Well, at least it’s mine now.

And the best part you get to shop as well as relax, it has a small boutique attached to it. Where a lot of aspiring designers get to showcase their collection and we get to pick out our favorites from them. And at such affordable prizes. So do check it out and get a place to chill and relax in the city. Something that’s really hard to find.

Styling Tip: You can always go for a lot of colors when it comes to a look like this.

Try tying your hair into braids, or a messy bun to make it look a bit different.

I’m wearing

  • Shirt and backpack from Primark (London)
  • Skirt from
  • Shoes made by Natasha Mehra (Chennai)
  • Neckpiece from Lifestyle

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