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I know I haven’t written in quite some time, but I kinda knew that this would happen. With all the shifting, moving and unpacking which was topped with me falling sick, thanks to the weather I had no time to write anything. For those who don’t know this, but I just moved to Pune for my post graduation and today is the first day I feel fine and fully moved in.
I’ve been in Pune for almost a week now and I share an apartment with two other girls from my college.
This is all quite exciting for me as this is the first time I live on my own and do things my way. I’ve heard a lot about this city from people. How this is one of the best place for students to be in, how the shopping is amazing and to top it all of Mumbai is just 3 hours away and to my luck I live in the best area
Luckily for me, I’m doing a fashion marketing course which is going to require a lot of traveling to Mumbai which I’m really excited about. Well shopping is the first thing that came in my mind and I can’t wait to start doing what I’m best at.
Now coming to the fashion, I had promised to get new monsoon looks in a week on instagram but I haven’t even started yet because of all the work I’ve had this week. And being from Chennai; Pune feels like a 1000 time colder so all the clothes that I thought I would wear are not happening because of the weather but i will be updating looks really soon. Until then keep reading:) x

The day i left for Pune:





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    You look amazing.. I have also moved to pune recently and kind of not sure about the shopping places here.
    I just know about FC road.
    Did you get to know about something else?
    Nice profile ?

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