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IMG_20150904_034105681Fashion has a way of coming back. It’s like a cycle. For example: the 70’s fashion has come and gone back again and again and we see it a bit modified every time. And this time it’s coming back again and we can see how people are making use of it and combining it with current trends and styles. That’s one thing I love about fashion.  Even though it repeats itself it makes sure it gives us something different every time.
And few of the most iconic trademarks of the late 70’s and early 80’s are taking over this fall. Bell sleevs,  tassel/fringes, bohemian traits, prints, short skirts, bell bottoms and a lot more.
And personally I’ve been enjoying it. And it becomes even better when I get to rade my mom’s closet. And I’m so happy she kept few of her clothes from when she was a teen. This factor just makes it better.
I’ve been so obsessed over this trend that few of my previous post are all inspired by the 70’s and here I go again.
For this look I tried to go all in with the glamour. This look screams out 70’s and I tried to keep the present trends in mind as well. When I bought this skirt I dint have a top to go along with it and looked everywhere for one and finally picked it up from
I loved the flared double layred sleeves the top had to offer or even known as bell sleeves/butterfly sleeves. That is what added the entire 70’s factor to the look. And the ankle length pencil fitted skirt beautifully complimented the entire look. Along with that I added these salmon colored stilettos,  a watch and a simple bracelet.
All in all I was really happy with the look as it was able to capture the main essence of the 70’s yet still go really well with the current style.
So do try and go back in time. If you weren’t able to experience it then at least we get to do it now.

Styling Tip: Bell sleeves can be a boon for girls with heavy arms. If you have that issue do go with these and you will never have to worry about them.
And for those who are skinny this is a great option for you as well. Because it adds in to the volume.

I’m wearing

Top from
Skirt from AND
Heels from Bangalore (Tibetian market )
Watch from Fossil
Bracelet from Swaroskvi.


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