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Hi guys. So before I start ranting about yet another outfit let me tell you that I’ve had the most idle week of my life. Yes I did have a lot of work done, but it wasn’t as busy as it usually is. And I hate it. I hate sitting idle. I rather be running around and stressing my ass off. That’s how I like it. But I so agree with the saying.  The calm before the storm?  Do you guys believe in it too?
So basically I’ll be shooting a lot for my blog and ROPOSO this weekend and that’s because I’m gonna be super busy the coming week.
I have an ad shoot to go to and a movie shoot. Of course,  for styling not like they would hire me to act in it.
Anyways I’ve been noticing a rise in the fashion world in chennai. I’ve attented a lot of fashion shows and events as a blogger in Mumbai and pune, but never really in Chennai. And then I got called for the Sydney sladen 2015 Spring/ summer breakaway at the Leela Palace by their beauty partners Apollo White Dental (AWD). And I was quite excited to attend it as it was my first time in Chennai.
AWD is one of a kind, dental spa where you get to pamper yourself along with getting your teeth fixed.  Isn’t that amazing?  Personally I get super nervous when I visit my dentist and this way you get to calm your nerves and get treated at the same time. A spa for your teeth and you. I love this concept and I’m going for my treatment cum spa day very soon.
During the fashion event I got to see the display of the new product launched my AWD. One of its kind “Celebrity Smile”. Basically it’s for anyone who thinks  they don’t have a good enough smile, for people with a gummy smile and even stained for that matter. All you got to do is visit the AWD clinic. And get your celebrity smile.IMG-20150912-WA0007 tmp_14737-30-1-487885640 _IMG_000000_000000

And since it was a fashion event. I had to get my ‘A’ game on and look as good as I can. So like any other girl I frantically started thinking of what to wear and took out a hundred options and then yelled out saying “I HAVE NO CLOTHES”. Typical right? But finally I decided to go with this beautiful dark green pencil fit skirt which had a slit on one side and gave it the sensual look it deserved. Along with that I went with a dark silver crop top I got from Amsterdam. And black lace detailed pumps. To complete the look I went with a 90’s inspired choker, dark lips and of course a bag.
The look did justice to a night event and was all about the glam. I enjoyed every bit of this outfit and hopefully you did too :)_IMG_000000_000000IMG_20150920_183227362IMG_20150920_183235443IMG_20150920_183211375IMG_20150920_183202698


Styling tip: I personally enjoy pencil fit skirts and you should too. If you’re scared or too concious to wear one because of weight issues try to go for a tummy tucker or a shaper. There is no reason to be ashamed of wearing one as it just helps to accentuate your beautiful figure :)

I’m wearing

Top from Forever 21 ( Amsterdam )
Skirt from Bangalore  (Tibetian market)
Bag I stole from a friend
Heels from Charles and Keith

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