The girl with two bags.


Being into the entire fashion blogging scene for over a year now the one thing I’ve learnt really well is that I can come up with looks on the spot. This one, for example. I had not idea I was going to post this on my blog. I was actually ready to post something else which will now be up in a couple of days. While I was getting ready with this one I was confused about which bag to take and which heels/shoes to go for. And as I mentioned about my “Oh, so organized room” in my last post (Don’t believe that) you’ll understand how hard it would’ve been to find my stuff. I found one of the heel in my mum’s room and one in mine. That’s how organized I am. You get the point, right? So while deciding about the bag I stopped and started thinking what if I take two bags? It’s not a crime and well, we girls do have a lot of things and a plus point, you make a fashion statement. “The girl with two bags”. And I do love to stand out and make a statement. And here it is possible in the simplest way. So for this look, along with my two bags, I went with a full sleeve crop top and a skater skirt. I decided to tie up my hair and use my current favorite choker as a hair accessory and along with that I went with my boot heels (that’s what I like to call them). And that was it. It was simple yet stood out. P.S: This look was a tribute to all the people going back to their University this fall. Many of my friends have left India to study abroad and if they put on a pair of stockings with this look. They will be good to go.

Styling Tip: You can even go for a sling bag and a tote. There are no rules in the fashion industry, unless you really ruin it. So go ahead and try the two bag trend out.

I’m wearing
Crop top from

Skirt from Forever 21

Bags from Primark (London)

Boots from H&M (Paris)

Hamsa choker from alibaba.comIMG_20150929_232544925IMG_20150929_232418544IMG_20150929_232410275IMG_20150929_232358657_IMG_000000_000000


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