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It was one of those amazing days, the weather was perfect, I could smell the mud and rain together. How much I love that. It started drizzling, I had the most romantic dress on, my hair slightly wet and went so well with the entire feel of the day. Oh, it was perfect. But you know what would make that day even more amazing? A perfect date. But we don’t get everything right? Instead, I had the second best thing. My photographer and it was surely a perfect day to shoot.
So instead of sulking over not having a guy I decided to do a blog post.
I got this amazing dress from stalkbylove and it’s everything you need in a perfect day dress. Be it for a date, a shoot or just a day out with your girls. But, I was always skeptical wearing “off shoulder” anything for that matter since I had heavy arms, but then realized that it is the best match for me. Even though I had an issue with my arms I have a good collar bone I get to play with.
Off shoulder clothes are best for people who have the same issue like I do. It will cover your arms and accentuate your best features. It’s a good trick right? This trick is something every girl needs to remember. Don’t avoid the clothes find a way to make it look amazing on you. And that’s what I always do. Now you know my secret.
So, further to complete the look I went with a choker to keep the neck clean and simple and not take the attention off the collar bone. Along with that I went with a sling bag of the same color, but a darker shade and floral heels to add some fun and color to the look.
I wanted to curl my hair a bit, but dint have the time because it was going to rain (things we have to do) so decided to go all natural instead.
And that was it. You see how a simple dress can make you feel so good about yourself and the best part you don’t have to be conscious about your troubled areas. Smart dressing can cover that for you.
So do try this look. And keep it simple :)

And now coming to the winner of the Simply Moda x Propshop24 giveway. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for taking part, I went through each and every entry, but unfortunately there can be only one winner and that is AAKSHI KASHYAP (Instagram @buttercupshinytail). Email me at to claim your price :) . But the others get a 10% discount coupon from Simply Moda and a 15% from PropShop24. So dm me to claim yours :)

Styling tip: When you have heavy arms and you opt for off shoulder make sure you have the sleeves right. If they are too shot it might not make a difference and still show your troubled areas. Instead, go for off shoulder tops with bell sleeves, frills or 3/4th.

I’m wearing

Dress from
Heels from Aldo
Bag from Lavie
Choker from


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