Nerd is the new cool.


So today I went to see Martian and let me tell you, that movie can blow your mind away. It was absolutely amazing and it made me wonder about the people we used to call Nerds in school and make fun of them. Well, these so called “Nerds” can become amazing astronauts and scientist’s and discover something we would never even think of. Like for example; life might exist on Mars. It is a possibility, since they found water there.
So before we make fun of their geeky glasses and the way they stick to their books we must realize they can actually change the world and of course, they’ve helped people like me pass exams.
So I decided to dedicate this post to them. And thought why not add a bit glamour to a geeky look. Well, they can look good too and let me tell you, I find nerds really cute. With their glasses and just their vibe.
For this look I went with a white shirt something you can never go wrong with and paired it up with my faux leather tassel skirt. I got this as a birthday gift from my best friend and I love it to bits. With that I went with a multi colored pair of heels to add in some color to the look and a sling. I kept the accessories to a minimal as I dint want to steal attention from the gorgeous skirt. Which by the way will works really well for fall. And that’s it. You might be a nerd, but guess what you can still look amazing. That will just be the cherry on top of the cake.

Styling Tip: Even if you’re not a nerd, but still love to dress up and change your look once in a while. This one will really make you stand out. Wear it for an interview or a day at the office and make word done 😉

I’m wearing
Top from
Skirt from splash
Heels from
Bag from Primark (London)
Reading the Martian.IMG_20151015_203017277_IMG_000000_000000IMG_20151015_203145943IMG_20151015_203106784IMG_20151015_203156035IMG_20151015_203133215IMG_20151015_203118448

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