The blocking effect


Being a fashion blogger I try to come up with at least 2 new looks every week. And people always ask me how do I manage to do so? If I shop all the time and spend all my dad’s money. So today I decided to clear all those questions.

Firstly, no I do not shop all the time. I try to use whatever I have in every possible way. Like for example, this skirt. I’ve already worn this before and this time I used it again, but just styled it in a different way.

Secondly,  I do not spend all of my dad’s money.  I earn my own money and I spend that. I may not shop all the time, but I’m surely a shopaholic. Being a fashion blogger has its advantages as well. We get other brands to give us clothes and in return we promote them on our blog. So it’s kind of a win win.

Anyways, this look is something I’m really loving. I’m done with my boho phase and back to the classic golds. I’ve always been a gold lover. When in comes to color. I love playing with chunky statement gold accessories more than I do with silver bohemian ones. But nevertheless I enjoyed my phase. For this look I decided to go with a color block feel. Red and green paired with gold and black can surely do the trick. This look is so classy yet chic. Since the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are back a lot of color blocking was seen then as well. So you can say that it’s inspired from there. Do try something like this

tyling Tip: Don’t be scared of mixing two bold colors.  See how they work and together and wear them with confidence. Remember confidence is the key.

I’m wearing

Top from FCUK Skirt from AND Heels from Stush (New Delhi) Jacket from Only Watch from Guess Bag from MangoIMG_20151026_214141816_IMG_000000_000000IMG_20151026_214125225IMG_20151026_214009703IMG_20151026_214118799IMG_20151026_214059155IMG_20151026_214002261IMG_20151026_214112166


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