Tried and Tested.


It has been raining cats and dogs in Chennai for the past two weeks and there are no signs for it to stop, anytime soon. It rains day in and day out and the cars are basically floating on the roads. But I’m still not going to complain. Because I enjoy this weather. And I’m so happy I decided to shoot a bunch of looks for my blog in one day, because I surely can’t do it now.
Now coming to the look, for this one I tried to experiment a bit. I tried to do something I would never do.
I decided to go with this quirky bow along with a white collar shirt and a long floral skirt made by me. I know many wouldn’t opt for it and head out, but there are times when you just need to try something new and that’s what I did. I added comfortable shoes to go with this look and tied up my hair.
You might ask me where would someone wear something like this? And I would say wear it wherever you feel like. If you feel comfortable in it then go for it.
I would wear this during a party or a fashion event.
It might be different, but who doesn’t want to be that?

Styling Tip: Bows can be intimidating for girls to work with, but trust me they are really fun. Wear them with skirts, like I did or pair it up with straight fit pants, they will definitely steal the show and make heads turn your way.

I’m wearing
Top from
Bow from
Skirt make by me
Watch from Guess


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