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So the colors of next year are out and it’s all about pastels and soothing colors. But that doesn’t mean that we keep all our bold prints aside and be the Kardashian’s(even though I love their style) and before the year ends I’m sure I’m going to overdose myself with every deep dark color and bold print I own. Especially, because it’s concert season. I love concerts, I love the fashion, I get to see so many new styles and trends and it’s one of the best places to learn and of course dance away every last calorie in your body. And this outfit is one of my versions to do it in.
This colourful printed skirt was paired with my mustard shirt and gladiators to make it easy for me to enjoy, along with minimal accessories to avoid the hassle. I love keeping my jewellery at the very least and for those who do too, This look is a perfect fit for you. Do try it.

Styling Tip

You can add as many accessories as you want to this look or keep it simple like I did. It will still make you stand out :)

tmp_12991-_IMG_000000_000000965289373I’m wearing
Top from Zara
Skirt from Whichwitch  (Chennai)
Gladiators from Stush (New Delhi)1tmp_12991-IMG_20151211_142528987285834618tmp_12991-IMG_20151211_142611272-682677889tmp_12991-IMG_20151211_1426207541110039700tmp_12991-IMG_20151211_1425024961740314684tmp_12991-IMG_20151211_142436756909781711tmp_12991-IMG_20151211_1425168161868339902tmp_12991-IMG_20151211_142425089-1233565921




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