The Khaki way.


I’ve been crushing over the khaki/military print this season. Be it in the form of jackets, bags, shoes or just a t-shirt; I’ve been loving them all. But living in a city like Chennai it gets a bit challenging to find something you love easily in stores and so I rely on online shopping, but this time I decided to take advantage of my best friend being in Singapore and asked her to bring me anything she could find in this print, hence the shirt.
I believe the military print is something that looks good in any form. A pair of shoes or even a bag, this print can make heads turn your way. And can be worn a million ways.
In my case, I paired this shirt with a tassel skirt and wedged shoes. I kept it simple by going with black, yet trendy. This is a trend to look out for.

Styling Tip: You can pair this shirt up with skirts, jeans or even a pair of beige pants. Wear it as a jacket or tie it up to make it a crop top. A shirt like this is never a bad investment.

I’m wearing

Shirt from H&M
Skrit from
Shoes from
Back from Primark (London)

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