The Sewing Machine.


Waking up in the morning with baggy eyes, I try my best to cover those dark circles and get dressed for work. It’s a Monday morning,  and I really don’t want to leave my cozy bed, but then a cup of filter coffee saves my life.
Being a part of the fashion industry I always have to be on my “A” game. Look good and dress well. That’s what my living is all about and it can get tiring at times. Espically on  Mondays, but I came across this brand ‘The Sewing Machine’ and they are a boon for such days. I got this amazing boxed crop top, something really different from what I usually go for. Styling it was so much fun, since I’d never tried something like this and raided my wardrobe finding a perfect match for it.
Finally,  I decided to pair it up with a lace skirt and a pair of black steletoes. Not only was this perfect for work, but it got people’s attention.
I was a bit skeptical about the cut of the top, but as soon as I wore it, it seemed like if the was designed only for me and that’s what I love about,The Sewing Machine. They make sure they give you the best, clothes that are designed keeping your needs in mind and a brand that will make you feel that they are made just for you.
Be it for your office wear or just a party you want to attend, The Sewing Machine has got you covered.  So check out this amazing brand today and buy yourself something special.

Styling Tip: Pair this top up with pants or a skirt and look your best at work.

I’m wearing

Top from
Skirt from Forever 21
Heels from
Bag from Australia.

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