Magical 70’s


A beautiful cold starry night, somewhere in the outskirts of Pondicherry along with some good music and the perfect company lead to a sleepless night, but I  was lucky enough to experience some beautiful sites like a shooting star  and a breathtaking view of fireflies buzzing around me and ended the cold night with some warmth when I saw the sun rising.
All this dint make me regret  staying up all night as I had shoots planned all morning, luckily my make up skills helped me cover those horrifying dark circles and my puffy face. And I was ready to shoot at this transcendent location.
I’ve been waiting to wear this 70’s inspired denim skirt for a very long time, I stole this from my mum’s wardrobe. I love owning items which have a history behind it, this particular skirt was worn by my mum in her teenage years and is now passed on to me. Isn’t it amazing how fashion trends have a way of coming back to style and repeating themselves?
For this look, I went with a crop top and comfortable flats and a fedora hat to complete the look. I added bohemian accessories which gave it a fresh look and added a choker which I made from scratch. All in all I was very happy with the outcome and thought I did justice to the skirt. You can always try a look like this and go back in time.

Styling Tip

For a more formal option, you can add in a white crisp shirt and make your work place a fashionable one too.

I’m wearing

Top from
Skirt from Mum’s closet
Shoes from Stush (New Delhi)
Bohemian Jewellery from Forever 21/ Janpath market (New Delhi)
Bag from Primark (London)
Fedora hat from a vintage store (Paris)

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