Waking up in a cottage facing the beach, where the nights are cool and the days get warm. You wake up and head straight to the shore, feeling the breeze in your hair, the cool water running along your feet and the long walks that don’t seem long enough as you can’t get enough of the picturesque view. This is a version of my perfect holiday. A holiday where you keep your work aside and just enjoy what nature has got in store for you. And when you have a perfect holiday, you need to be dressed for it as well.
This gorgeous swimsuit I got from Crisp Luxury, Bangalore is the perfect fit for my dream holiday. From resort wear to your casuals, they’ve got you covered in all ways and with the best brands and the best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. Located at the heart of the city (Lavelle road) it’s easily accessible and for those not from Bangalore you can always visit their website and get a piece of them.
I paired up my designer swimsuit with a black net kimono and gorgeous pair of heels for those pool parties. Do give Crisp Luxury a shot and see what a difference you make. They are the best example for luxury wear at affordable prizes.

Styling tip:
Add a fedora hat and some basic flats for those amazing beach day outs or dress it up like I did for amazing party.

I’m wearing
Swimsuit from Crisp Luxury (Bangalore)
Kimono made by me
Heels from (US)

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