Up close and personal with Dipika Pallikal (Phoenix Market City)

X30C3139 - Haagen Dazs

“Sports is a very important part of my life it has made me what I am today and I believe every person needs to take up some kind of sports in their life, it’s not only about fitness but the happiness it gives you, I make sure everyone in my house be it my mom, dad or my sisters take up some kind of sport. It’s as important as being educated”, says Dipika Palikal the star from Chennai who made it big and is well known across the country.
Sports is so important to her but like any other girl her love for fashion can be seen by the way she dresses as well. Dipika Pallikal follows all her trends but comfort is surely her first priority. She says “ I love shopping as well and being on the court most of the time I’m used to my skrits, shorts and shirts which screams out comfort and that’s what fashion is to me, it’s all about how comfortable I am in it. My main goal is to win medals for the country and looking good is just my personal choice I never did it to make a statement saying “ The sportsperson who dresses well” it’s more of a hobby and that’s how I like to keep it”.
And hence the visit to Phoenix was amazing, I got to visit stores like Diesel, Gas, Mac, Charles & Keith, Promod and tried out a couple of things. I absolutely loved the jeans at Diesel, the fit was so good it seemed as if it was made for me. The shirts I tried at Gas will go really well with shorts during summer, something I’m looking forward to wear. On the other hand, the times when I need to head out for a party my go to store would be Guess, it had so many options, from denims to dresses it had everything you would want while keeping a party in mind. And as I mentioned before, comfort is what I look for when I wear anything and Promod makes sure I get that, I personally shop a lot from here and love how casual and classy the collection is, definitely is one of my favorites. And when it comes to foot ware I usually opt for flats, since being an athlete its not safe for us to go for heels and both the stores I visited Charles & Keith and Steve Madden had a lot of options for flats be it the ones we wear during a party or just a day out I got to try a lot of beautiful pairs. And not calling myself a makeup junkie but I do love my lip colors a lot and all the makeup I own is from Mac so it was a delight visiting the store and seeing new things Mac had to offer. And my hair and make up on that day was right on point thanks to Tony and Guy.
After giving my eyes a treat and pampering myself I decided to binge in to some good food and tried out Punjab grill and Haagan Dazs, even though I’m not a big dessert person, the ice creams I tried at Haagan Dazs surely made my day.
Phoenix market city is surely my go to mall in Chennai, it has everything from good stores to mouth watering food. I can spend an entire day here and feel satisfied at the end of the day and summer being my favorite season I make sure my wardrobe has a lot of florals and colors in it. It’s the time of the ear when I can experiment with colors and phoenix makes sure it caters to my needs.

X30C2914 Toni & Guy

X30C2975 Diesel

X30C3013 Gas

X30C3018 Gas

X30C3058 Guess

X30C3073 - Promod

X30C3139 - Haagen Dazs

X30C3181 - Punjab Grill

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