Smurf’ing it.

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Blue has always been my favorite color and the minute I saw the monochrome trend coming to fashion, I knew I wanted to use blue for my look. And what’s better than over dosing yourself with something you like. So for my look I did exactly that. I went with a very basic blue top and paired it up with a skirt from and added a bit more blue with the help of my bag and heels. Just to freshen up the outfit a bit I gave it a touch of white lace.
An outfit like this can be worn out during the day or even at work. It’s chic and sophisticated all at the same time. Do try it yourself.

Styling tip: You can try this trend with any color you like, pick a color and then go with the shades in and around the same family. And see how wonderfully it all works together.

I’m wearing

Top from Primark
Skirt from
White lace jacket and neckpiece fromforever 21
Heels from Charles&Keith
Watch from Guess

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