Damsel in distress


She was strong, independent and happy. She loved her life and lived it to the fullest. She had days when she was down, but nothing that she couldn’t fight her way out of. But then something happened and she stopped smiling, she wasn’t happy, everyone could see that, but she just couldn’t get out of it. She was stuck, she couldn’t find a way out, she tried everything, but it just wouldn’t help.  She felt helpless, couldn’t see the light outside the tunnel.
One day she hit rock bottom and that day was the darkest of all. She felt nothing that day, she had forgotten how to smile, she’d forgotten what it was to feel free and happy. The darkness inside had consumed her and she couldn’t find a way out. But then after every sunset the sunrises again  and so did she. She knew she’d hit rock bottom and had nothing to loose.  So she rose again, she found her way out of that darkness and smiled. She’d never felt that alive before.  And do you know what helped her do that? It was her. She got herself out of it, nobody could help her until she decided to help herself out.
Whatever the issue might be until and unless you decide to help yourself and be your own hero you can’t do anything about it.
And today she is stronger, happier and a super hero, she dint save the world but she definitely did something better. She saved herself .

About the look
This look drives it’s attention to the Cape and the detailing given to it, it made me feel and look like a superhero. All white with a touch of the holographic effect with braids is all it needed to complete the look.

I’m wearing

Outfit designed by me
Heels from Stush  (New Delhi)
Tassel holographic back from the states






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