Not your stereotype Indian girl


Stereotypes don’t scare this girl, she isn’t afraid of doing what she wants to or wearing what she wants to. And why would she follow them? She knows for a fact that she will be judged in this world either way, so she rather gets judged doing what she likes. Living in such a conservative society her mind shut, she couldn’t think. The world where she lived became her own personal hell and the only way to get out of it was if she followed the rules. But these rules never really sunk into her head, she never understood them and fought them with everything she had. She had to fight her friends, her family, everyone she knew to be herself, her true self. It was difficult to stay that way, but as time passed the ones who truly loved her, understood her. It wasn’t easy for them either, but time changed things, they all evolved. She learnt to respect what they wanted from her and they gave her the space she needed. Time had tamed them all.

With this look, I’m trying to show exactly that. You don’t need to wear something or dress up in a particular way, the way you present yourself can say a lot about you and that is what I’m trying to show here.

I’m wearing

Yellow Anarkali suit from Biba
Shoes from Vero Moda
Watch from Michael Kors

Special thanks to my makeup artist for this look Paavna. Follow her on instagram @purpleparroteatingcarrot
And my amazing photographer Swetha Joyson @Swethajoyson








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