Not your regular Navratri look


Being the season of festivals, we start off with our very first one tomorrow, it being Navratri. This festival has always been associated with dancing through the night, wearing colourful Indian clothes and the fact that we have to be vegetarian for 9 days. That’s the one thing that becomes really hard for me, but something I got to do. Since I can’t change that, why not try to bring something new elsewhere and being a stylist and fashion blogger, I always tend to find that change in my clothes. So this time, I tried to shake things up for Navratri, many might question the choice of colour because it’s black, but just had to edge it up. So for this look, I went with a black off shoulder top combined with black glitter pants, heavy makeup and an oxidised neck piece, which brings out the festivities in you. It’s a look I’ve not tried myself, but trying and testing makes a stylist better. Do give it a shot and you might just surprise yourself.

I’m wearing
Top and heels from
Pants from FCUK






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