Knot your type


Ladies! There is a new trend this season and you are going to like this one. We’ve seen many Cabin Crew members wear it and the way they carry it off is just amazing. I always looked up to them and saw how brilliantly groomed they are and that necktie acted as a cherry on top of the cake. I could see men drooling all over them and they didn’t give a damn. Believe it or not, the knotted scarf adds so much more to your outfit, I was able to transform a very simple burnt orange jumpsuit to something different altogether, the blue scarf stood out and gave it the drama the look needed. It not just added colour to the entire look, but stood out in such a good way that you wouldn’t go unnoticed. Keep the rest of your look simple and let the scarf do all the talking, you can always go dramatic with the eyes, play with a strong colour or winged liner it will take you back to the 70’s. Try it yourself.

Styling Tip:
Wear it with shirts, t-shirts, jumpsuits or dresses they will look brilliant. Try to colour block and use printed scarfs which will enhance the outfit and make you look amazing.

I’m wearing

Jumpsuit Zara
Heels H&M
Watch Michael Kors









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