Blast from the past


Growing up I’d seen a lot of TV shows and movies where I saw the lead roles carrying off the shirt under the dress look, being a 90’s kid I’ve seen a lot of styles come in and fall out of fashion and now we are at a point in the fashion industry where a lot of them are making a come back and the shirt under a dress is one of the most prominent ones, especially when it’s combined with the choker and dark lips. It’s gothic yet chic at the same time.
But yes, being in a city like Chennai it can get daunting just thinking about layering because of the heat, but when you put on a slip dress over your casual shirt/ t-shirt you can barely feel anything. And the best part about this trend, you can go as simple as black and white or play around with different colours and prints, this trend will make you stand out for sure and it’s definitely here to stay. Do try it.

Styling Tip:

Choosing the right accessories is very important for this look, we don’t want the accessories to take over, let the trend do all the talking. So keep it simple.

I’m wearing

Dress from VeroModa
Shoes from Stush (New Delhi)
Bag from Primark (London)
Watch Michael Kors







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