Healthy happy hair with Banjaras Samvridhi


I’ve never really been a type of person who takes a lot of care of her hair, I’m lucky enough to be gifted with nice hair, but even that needs to be taken care since I colour it a lot and that leads to damage of hair. And in this day and age because of pollution, stress and what not you not only lose hair but it tends to go dull as well. So for this, I have found a solution and I promise you that it works.
The Samvridhi hair oil and hair pack from Banjaras is something that works wonders and the first thing that caught my eye was that it’s super affordable.
Coming to the hair oil, I have a habit of keeping in the hair oil overnight, so after applying it I went to sleep and washed it with my regular shampoo the next morning. My hair felt softer and healthier by just using it once. I’ve used it twice till now and I’m planning to continue it as it promises hair growth to up to 8cm in 8 weeks and is clinically proven (varies from person to person) and with a wedding coming up in my family I want my hair to be long and healthy.
When I used the hair pack, I was pleased as well. It smells really nice and is easy to apply. You need to apply it on your scalp for 15-20 minutes which helps to cleanse it and make it shine. You can see results in your first wash.
My main concern about the hair pack was that it contains henna which acts as a colouring agent and since I’ve already got coloured hair I didn’t want it to mess it up, and I was pleased to know that it doesn’t ruin your colour as there is a very little quantity in it and acts as a conditioner. And the best part you don’t need to use a shampoo to get rid of it, it’ll lather up and clean itself with water.
The products are enriched with pure ayurvedic herbs and have ingredients like Amala, heena, methi, shikakai, neem and tea tree to name a few. There are no added chemicals and is very safe to use.
Not only does it hepl us, but it even helps older people with hair loss and white hair. Meant for men and women this product is not only pocket friendly but works like magic. Do try it yourself.

You can buy the product here.
And read more about the product here.
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