The new Whisper Ultra Soft


Every month us girls go through those 5 days we can’t avoid. But before those 5 days start we go through a week of mood swings and the last thing we want is to be uncomfortable during periods, like bleeding wasn’t enough. The new Whisper Ultra Soft makes you forget you’re on your period and that’s because:
1) Like the product claims- it surely is super soft on your skin and you won’t suffer from rashes or feel uncomfortable during those 5 days
2) Not only during the ay but these pads can bee used during the night as well as they are wider from behind
3) It’s made of cotton which is the best part and the pores on top help lock your period securely.
4) The pad has a nice floral fragrance which is not overpowering yet smells fresh
5)Last but not the least, it makes you feel so comfortable that you’re not afraid of doing whatever you feel like, you won’t have to restrain yourself from doing anything.

And for just 64 rupees I think this product is definitely worth it. Do try it yourself, from my side this is for sure my go to product.

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Facebook: You Go Girl;

Twitter: @WhisperIndia


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