Is VLCC just a slimming brand or more?


We’ve all heard of how VLCC can help you lose weight. Do wonders to your body and bring you back to shape. But one thing people usually mistake VLCC for is it being a slimming brand, it’s not just that. After talking to experts from the brand and having an amazing session I came to know that is a wellness brand. It offers variety of services ranging from anything and everything to do with skin like peels, tan removals, lasers to basic services you find at a parlour. VLCC offers in-house dermatologists who we can consult before any skin procedure (small or big) we go through and get services according to our requirements.
During the session us bloggers had we got our queries answered on how to deal with acne to how to get rid of facial hair to even a small makeup session. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend you all trying out VLCC they use the best of the products and take special care of every person. Do try it yourself.

Sharing a few pictures and tips I got from the experts at #VLCCChennai





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