Dealing with summer


Summer is here and trust me when I say this, it’s not my favorite. I rather layer myself with clothes during winters than sweat and get tanned during summers and living in a place like Chennai I really never get to experience winters, but these few so called summer months can be gruesome.
Now jumping straight to the look. I went with this golden- beige top and paired it up with high waist black jeans, a statement bag and red stilettos for the pop of colour. I really don’t enjoy tying up my hair as I really think it doesn’t suit me but gets difficult to keep them open in this heat especially when you’ve got long hair so I decided to go the Ariana Grande way.

This look is perfect for a day to night outing. You can always tuck the top in or leave it like I did with the cold shoulder. Pair it up with a chic skirt or jeans this classic top from GAS works either ways.

Top from GAS
Heels and bag from Steve Madden
Rings from Vero Moda

Location courtesy Design hotel
Photo courtesy @swethajoyson
Makeup courtesy @purpleparroteatingcarrot

Now coming to another important note: As summers are not only hot but a bed for germs as well because like we know we not only sweat a lot but even welcome a lot of diseases in the form of mosquitoes and flies so it’s important to stay hygienic and having a shower all the time is not really possible but we can definitely take care of the small things. Carrying a hand sanitizer wherever you go could be a good idea and the one from Winova has got to be a personal favourite. I’ve tried a lot of sanitizer till date and there’s always some issue or the other with it. Either it’s the smell or they are too sticky and I hate that feeling on my hands. The whole purpose of a hand sanitizer is to kill germs and keep them clean not make it worse.
you may ask what’s so special about this particular product and here are a few advantages of it:
It comes in variety of sizes one what you could easily carry not just in your bag but your pocket as well
The Winova sanitizer is unique as it’s foam-based and doesn’t stick to your hands it’s actually just like water and the best part is that it’s odorless and prevents you from bacteria for about 2-3 hours
It kills about 99.9995% of the germs which is more than any of the other sanitizers out there.
You can use it before and after eating, while taking care of a baby as it doesn’t harm them in any way
It’s proven that it removes even the most dangerous bacteria that an alcoholic sanitizer cannot do
It protects you against germs, bacteria and diseases like E-coli, Swine flu, Malaria, K.Pneumonia and a lot more

So get yours today from and the ones in Chennai can get yours from Wait rose – R.K.Salai, T-Nagar and Santhome.

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