10 things I love about summer.


I’ve never really been a summer person. I hate the heat, but what can you do in a place like Chennai? So instead of cribbing about it I decide to see the bright side and tell you the top 10 things I like about summers. So here it goes:

1) Fruits– My top favourite during summers is the fruits, I love mangoes, lychees and all kinds of melons.
2)Summer dresses– This has got to be my favourite. I love summer dresses in every form printed, floral, pastel colours etc.
3) Indian wear– These days I’ve really been enjoying Indian clothes. A good fit kurti with palazzos is my go to thing this summer.
4) Everything tassel– Lately I’ve been obsessed with tassels be it in the form of earrings, hanging through a sleeve or just a phone accessory. Loving it all.
5) Bright colours– Even though I’m in love with pastels I prefer bright and vibrant colours during summers. Yellow, hot pink, electric blue these are few of my favourites.
6)Brunches– Even though I’m not a morning person I would always choose food over sleep. And brunches with a good chilled beer is something I could do every day. This is one of the things I miss doing every Sunday in Pune since Chennai barely has good places for it.
7) Makeup shopping– It’s a weird one, but makeup you use during winters and summers needs to be different and I love the fact that I get to go and shop for makeup, its one of my favourite things to do.
8)Travelling– Yes! we can travel all the time, but since I was a kid I’ve been going to Dehli to visit my family every summer and it’s become a thing now and so this definitely makes my top 10 list.
9) Summer shopping– Well, who doesn’t like shopping? Buying new clothes, accessories its something I love doing and I’m sure you guys love it too.
10)Beach house parties– Last but not the least this is another thing I love doing. Heading to my friend’s beach house and spending the entire day there. I rather do that than go to a crowded bar.

So these were my top 10 things I love about summer and this is exactly what inspires my look. I paired up my white printed summer dress with pale pink colour sandals and tassel earrings to make the entire look stand out. This look is perfect for brunches, a day out at your friend’s beach house or just hanging out with your girlfriends. It’s a very simple look yet makes you stand out of the crowd. Try it yourself and enjoy your summer. :)

I’m wearing
Dress from Quicksilver
Shoes and bag from Steve Madden
Rings from Vero Moda
Earrings from Koovs.com

Find this exact look at Phoenix Market City, Chennai.

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