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A fluttered me looks at the outfit and thinks twice before I put it on. Why? You may ask. Like every other girl, I have my insecurities too. Mine are my legs. Fat and dark spots a lot of them. If you’ve been following me for quite some time you’ll notice I stay away from short skirts and anything that emphasises my legs. I just hate them. But then again, I thought It would be a fresh change on my blog and some new content for my readers. To be completely honest, I knew my photographer would take care of it. But one thing she can’t do is bring out the confidence on my face. While shooting this look I got really conscious. I was hating my hair, thought I looked really fat and what not. I thought the pictures would be a disaster. But to my surprise, I did love how it turned out. YES! My photographer did take care of the marks on my legs and I do look fat. But let me tell you, it wasn’t the dress that made me feel this way it was me. I’ve definitely been binging on food. Am I taking care of it? Not really. Will I do it soon? Definitely. My battle with my on and off weight is another long story for some other day. For now, I’ll get back to the look.
Even though I was a bit hesitant about the look what made me go for it was the colour. And the fact that wanted to try something new and see if I can eventually get comfortable in it because I always tell people to be confident in whatever they wear as that is the key for anything so had to try it out myself. Like I said the start was a bit rocky but didn’t take too long till I was in my zone. I forgot all about my legs and enjoyed the look. It’s perfect for summers, for a day out with your girls and can be worn at night as well. I would definitely try to go out of my comfort zone more often to confront my insecurities and all of you should do it too from time to time.

I’m wearing
Dress from Superdry
Heels and bag from Steve Madden
Rings from Vero Moda
Watch from Michael Kors

Get this complete look at Phoenix market city, Chennai.


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