Pyjama party


Being a fashion blogger, a stylist and a professor it becomes not only a habit but a duty to dress well. If I don’t look the part how would I be the part? I can’t wear baggy clothes with messed up hair and lecture people about good style. You would never go to a 5-star restaurant when you know the chef doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s the exact same thing. It all comes down to how you market yourself and if I say you should be comfortable in what you wear and go with the trends then I should abide by that as well. But it gets really tedious at times, waking up early (not my thing) deciding what to wear and of course, the 30-minute makeup ritual. Don’t get me wrong I love doing all of this, but there are days when you just want to stay in your jammies all day long and wish for a day you could just head out in them. But that’s the thing I love most about fashion you never know what comes next and this time it’s the pyjama fashion. You read that right. Now people can be all sorts of cheeky and wear their pyjama sets outside, you can either wear them just like they’re supposed to be worn or wear them like I did. I added the black crop top/slip with a sleek pair of red stilettos a statement bag and a simple choker set. Effortless yet makes a statement, this is something worth trying.
Try it yourself and be amazed at what fashion has got to offer.

I’m wearing

Pyjama set and choker from VERO MODA
Bag and stilettos from STEVE MADDEN

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