Way beyond average


Since the day we were born up until today our parents expect the best from us and want the best for us. If you’ve noticed our parents can’t let anyone utter anything bad about us and always have our backs no matter what. And the one thing all our parents did or at least mine did when I was young was to tell me how special I am and I can do anything I want to. I’m not like the rest, I’m special, I’m not just an average kid. And when our parents can believe in us, why can’t we? I used to ask myself this all through high school. I never thought I was good enough, pretty enough, smart enough and the list went on, I used to care about what opinion a third person had on me. That’s one thing that haunted me over high school. But one day I told myself, “Enough is enough”, I’m not going to let this take over me and decided to stop. That day I told myself I’m good enough, Pretty enough and smart enough. I don’t need someone to tell me and since that day I’ve discovered a new me. Not only did I, but everyone saw the change in me. And I made sure I never looked back. This change not only transformed me emotionally but physically as well. I did what I had to, I wore what I thought looked good on me and trust me, most of the time it was whacky and way too much for the occasion, but I didn’t really care because my new motto was, “Do what makes you happy and comfortable”. And that’s exactly what I did.
And this particular look sends exactly the message. I did get quite a lot of stares for these bold white eyes, those blinding shoes, the tasselled bag and my outfit going overboard with all kinds of stripes. But I really think If you’re confident and comfortable enough with what you wear, you could carry off a plastic bag.
So to end this I would say, “live the way you want to and try not to care about the god damn World”.

Styling Tip
Wear this shirt dress as it is or even use is as an overcoat, this dress would so justice to this hot summer.
And if you’re feeling adventurous definitely experiment with it. Being a simple, plain dress, you can always add more textures, colours and prints to the look.

I’m wearing
Dress and belt from Vero Moda
Shoes from Steve Madden
Bag from the U.S

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