The himalayan way


Skin care is the most important thing for me as your face is the first thing people see when they meet you. A pimple on my face makes me super conscious and I’m sure it does the same to all of you as well. But with the help of my all time favourite Himalayas I can not only do that but prevent it from making an appearance onto my face. And that’s possible with my 3 way process.

1. The neem face wash

Something I’ve been using over years and has helped me so much.

2. The exfoliating neem and walnut scrub 

This not only prevent pimples from coming in again, but exfoliates your skin from within.

3.The neem face mask

I’ve used it before and I never get tired of it. This face mask can be used once a week and you’ll be able to see the difference. Use it after the scrub or just like that it will cleanse out not only your face, but go into pores as well. Eradicates germs from the core. 

I would definitely love you guys to know more about the product through my YouTube video I made. Do check it out


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